PrEcIoUs MoMeNtS

Wednesday Jul 30 08:08pm

My hobbies include: dog-watching, picking zits, wanting to pet the dogs I’m watching, & regretting all the zits I have picked

Tuesday Jul 29 07:54pm
Monday Jul 28 10:01pm
Monday Jul 28 06:51pm

am i nauseous because i drank too much wine and am now eating mashed potatoes or because i went from listening to drake to the fall of troy

Sunday Jul 27 02:22am




Destroy hateful straight edge culture that has no room for compassion and treating addicts like people

destroy straight edge culture that ignores the intersections of class and race and throws around phrases like “kill your local drug dealer”

destroy straight edge culture that refuses to recognize that drug use is a common coping mechanism for non-cis and non-straight individuals as well as those with mental illnesses

Sunday Jul 27 01:49am


I try to really be conscious of what is actually going on in my life. I hate when I’m caught up with just thinking and not doing. I hate when I’m consumed with doing and neglecting thinking of what or why I am doing this. Both are equally as damaging.

Sunday Jul 27 01:40am
34 plays

Dinosaur Jr.- Repulsion

How should I act today 
To feel so unsure always 
Give up or now keep on this way

Sunday Jul 27 01:15am


my bangs should be shorter
my hair should be shorter too
so should my life, I think I’ll have that cut shorter too

Sunday Jul 27 01:03am

The Parent Trap (1998)

Sunday Jul 27 12:56am
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